• December 12, 2015
Teeth Whitening That Works near Joliet, Illinois

Teeth whitening: it seems like a bunch of voodoo, doesn’t it? You never know what kind of results you’re going to get when you pick up a teeth whitening kit at the drugstore. Commercial teeth whitening solutions are really unreliable and are why so many patients don’t trust professional teeth whitening solutions! They simply want teeth whitening that works!

There are a lot of reasons why whitening your teeth at our Shorewood dental practice is a better idea than trying all the unsuccessful teeth whitening hacks. Today we want to talk about some of the most common problems that we see in teeth whitening products.

What’s Your Active Ingredient?

When it comes to whitening teeth there isn’t anything better than what’s been in use for years: hydrogen peroxide. Along with carbamide peroxide you should only see these two ingredients listed on your whitening products. They’re what works, what’s been proven, and what we use here at Shorewood Family Dental Care.

Other whitening products might try to sway you with “all natural” products or other new-fangled stuff. There’s no reason to trust those alternatives, especially not when peroxide simply works!

We recommend using teeth whitening gel that’s just hydrogen peroxide. Just like the 30 percent solution we use at our Shorewood cosmetic dentistry. This is the best proven teeth whitening system, whereas carbamide peroxide simply has to break down into hydrogen peroxide before it can get to work.

One Size Fits All: Not A Good Fit

Most teeth whitening products you buy at the store contain gel and whitening trays that you wear in your mouth. While the basic idea is a good one there’s a major flaw in those trays: they don’t lock out saliva! Hydrogen peroxide is extremely sensitive – contact with saliva, light, and even warm temperatures can break it down into oxygen and water, destroying its ability to whiten.

You need clean, total contact between your teeth and hydrogen peroxide to get teeth whitening results. When hydrogen peroxide whitening gel breaks down the process scrubs away all your teeth stains. Saliva simply makes it happen instantly, which isn’t what you want at all.

Beware Gimmicks

Whitening kits with all kinds of fancy add-ons are coming to the market nowadays. One of the most common that you’ll find come with an LED light that supposedly accelerates the whitening power of your gel. Unfortunately there simply aren’t a lot of studies out there that prove the effectiveness of LED light. Some professional products use ultraviolet light to accelerate whitening, which has been shown to work, but commercially available products just aren’t the same!

Don’t spend money on a “maybe” solution when we have the stuff that really works!

Whitening at Shorewood Family Dental Care

We offer take-home kits. This solution will get you amazing results!

Don’t Wait To Get A Great Smile!

You have options that you know will work at Shorewood Family Dental Care: a few nights for a couple weeks in the comfort of home. We’re confident that you’ll love the results you get with our system, so don’t wait – call our Shorewood dentist office today for teeth whitening that works!

You can reach us by phone at 815-725-5991 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!