• January 5, 2016
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tooth repair kit for dental emergencies

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we make every effort we can to see emergency patients the same day they call, so never hesitate to contact us if you’re having a dental emergency. Some of the most critical time to prevent further harm is during the first few minutes, so be sure you have the tools and equipment you need in a dental emergency/tooth repair kit to ensure success.

You never know when a dental emergency is going to happen to you or a member of your family. Just like any other kind of emergency situation it’s important to have the right tools on hand to make your immediate care successful at relieving pain and preventing further injury!

A Dental Emergency Kit: The Items You Need

General Tools And Equipment

  • Latex Or Vinyl Gloves: these are important if you end up performing first aid on someone other than yourself. No matter how close the person is to you it’s never a good idea to get blood on your hands, so be sure to protect yourself by wearing a pair of gloves.
  • A Dental Mirror: dental injuries are sometimes hard to see clearly, even when you’re helping another person. Be sure to include a dental mirror in your kit so that you can be sure you’re seeing everything you need to. Some even include small lights to make things even easier.
  • Cold Compress: we suggest getting some of the disposable cold packs that you can activate instantly. They may not be reusable but in an emergency you hardly have time to wait for ice to freeze!

Items For Cleaning The Wound

  • Cotton Swabs: these are an essential treatment tool in any dental first aid kit. Make sure they’re kept clean since they’ll be cleaning wounds and applying topical treatments to teeth and gums. You can also use them to spread adhesives and other items onto teeth and damaged restorations.
  • Alcohol Wipes: keep some individually wrapped wipes in your kit – they’re handy for cleaning out internal and external wounds. They’re also able to sterilize injuries, which can be important if any foreign material has entered the mouth.
  • Salt: it sounds like an odd thing to keep in a dental first aid kit, but it’s essential. Salt is great for rinsing the mouth out and you don’t want to be stuck looking for it during a stressful or panicked emergency situation. You don’t need much in your kit – just enough to make an oral rinse.

For Stabilizing The Injury And Temporarily Restoring It

  • Cotton Balls: an essential tool for stopping bleeding, cotton balls can be pressed into the cheek, placed in an empty tooth socket, or held over any part of the mouth that is bleeding despite other efforts. Alternatively this role can be filled by cotton gauze, though we find the balls to be easier to handle.
  • Dental Wax: you may be familiar with small packages of dental wax used for orthodontic patients. It’s great for covering up the uncomfortable spots on braces, and its emergency use is mostly the same. You can use dental wax to protect against cuts from jagged pieces of fractured tooth as well as broken oral appliances and orthodontics. Make sure the wax you have is dental-specific. Other kinds may not be safe or moldable enough to work properly.
  • Temporary Fillings: Is an essential part of a tooth repair kit. It’s a tube of temporary dental filling material can be found at most pharmacies. Keep some of this hand for broken or knocked-out fillings. You’d be surprised at how sensitive the inner parts of a tooth can be once exposed!
  • Vaseline: either this or a denture adhesive is important for reattaching crowns or bridges that have fallen off. Vaseline forms a sort of suction seal on a restoration to hold it in place until we can permanently fix it.

The Most Important Item

The most essential part of your tooth repair kit is a card with Shorewood Family Dental Care’s phone number on it: 815-725-5991. Make sure you have our contact information readily available!

We’re ready to see you in any dental emergency situation. We prioritize your comfort and then your recovery, so never be afraid to contact us day or night! For non-emergency needs you can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. Stay safe, and we hope to see you under regular circumstances soon!