• July 22, 2016
Teeth Implants near Joliet IL

Today we wanted to talk about a tough topic that impacts millions of Americans each year: adult tooth loss. This can be a life-altering, trauma-inducing event that destroys your overall health along with your looks and self-assurance. When you are missing teeth, you won’t feel much like smiling and you won’t have the chewing capacity necessary to enjoy the foods you love.

This is the new normal for you until you find a viable solution to permanently address the situation. But don’t despair, we are ready to help you reclaim your life today. To that end, we think that dental teeth implants are the best restorative treatment you will find.

We realize that prior to making such a major investment in your future health and happiness, you may have some questions about the process and so forth. That’s why we have compiled a few of the inquiries that usually come up during a dental implant consultation. Keep reading, and then be sure to get in touch to schedule your session with Dr. Funk!

How Do You Get The Job Done?

The implant procedure involves two steps. First we will insert a titanium post into your jawbone that functions as a root for your replacement tooth. Once enough fusion and healing has taken place, we will restore it with a crown, the part that looks like a real tooth.

Is the Surgery for Teeth Implants Painful?

Not really. It is a surgical procedure. But we will do everything we can to make it a pain-free and pleasant experience for you. That includes employing sedation dentistry techniques to guarantee that your visit is comfortable.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For My Teeth?

Here’s the deal: the dental implant procedure timeline starts with us taking a 3-D digital impression of your mouth. We use the custom 3-D impression to build your crown in a dental lab.

After your implant has fully healed (usually several months), your crown will be attached, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new tooth!

Are Teeth Implants Comfortable?

Yes! Our Shorewood dental implants are crafted to feel like your natural teeth. As we mentioned, they’re given enough time to securely fuse with your jawbone and are the same size of a real root. No other artificial option even comes close to feeling this comfortable.

Will Implants Help Restore My Looks?

Definitely! Consider this: your smile will be full again. And there will be more facial structure support (i.e. no more caved-in cheeks). So, your appearance will definitely get a boost as will your self-confidence.

Can Teeth Implants Last A Lifetime?

That is up to you in that it really depends on your efforts to maintain them!

Implants are designed to last a lifetime but they will require some maintenance, just like real teeth.

Brushing twice a day for two or more minutes, flossing and rinsing regularly, and visiting the dentist every three to six months will keep you on track.

Are Implants Right For Me?

The only way to tell if dental implants are truly the best solution for you is to schedule a consultation with our team. When you pay us a visit, Dr. Funk will be able to examine your mouth, take digital imaging for your teeth, and assess your bone structure.

Get In-Touch Today!

We can answer other questions about the dental implant procedure at Shorewood Family Dental Care, so don’t be afraid to ask! Contact us today to schedule your dental implant consultation in Illinois!