• March 17, 2016
Offering Laughing Gas for Root Canal

No one wants to think about having a tooth pulled. It’s an unpleasant experience that all of us dread – it isn’t even something we want to do at our Shorewood dentist office! Extracting teeth is always the very last choice we’ll make – we always want to preserve your smile when we can!

Unfortunately we don’t always have that luxury. There are times that tooth extraction is necessary despite all our attempts to the contrary. It’s those instances that we want to talk about today. Knowing when teeth have to be pulled is the best way to prevent it from ever having to happen because most cases are preventable!

The Worst Case Scenarios

Many of the worst case scenarios of when tooth removal is needed are just that: worst case scenarios. In many instances we’re able to address these problems earlier to eliminate the need for extraction. Sometimes, however, simple looking problems are deeply complicated. The only way to get a definite answer is to be seen ASAP!

Tooth Decay: It Can Get That Bad!

When tooth decay strikes it starts off small. The most minor bit of lost enamel will eventually build into a tooth-destroying nightmare if you let it! In many cases severe tooth decay can be treated with a root canal, but if the decay has spread too far there’s sometimes no way we can resolve it!

A tooth that has been eaten through by decay can lose its strength, and if not extracted early can end up causing serious injuries if and when it fractures. We like to extract these teeth to prevent the inevitable from ever happening. There are also times when an infection will spread beyond the tooth and grow into an abscess. If we can’t eliminate the infection by using a root canal extraction may be necessary.

Gum Disease: The Number One Tooth Killer

It’s surprising that decay isn’t the most common reason to extract teeth, isn’t it? Gum disease is actually responsible for far more tooth loss than cavities, and again extraction is usually undertaken to prevent eventual loss and injury.

If we extract a tooth due to gum disease we’re doing it to protect the rest of your mouth. We can offer restorative treatments to replace missing teeth as soon as we’ve cleared up the infection that is causing your tooth loss.

Wisdom Teeth: Getting a Tooth Pulled Because They Just Don’t Fit!

The eruption of your wisdom teeth can be horrible, especially if you have a small jaw. Patients who don’t have room for their wisdom teeth usually end up with partial eruptions or impactions that quickly become serious oral health risks.

Wisdom teeth that come in crooked or sideways push their neighboring molars out of position, which can have an effect on your bite that causes serious pain. The further your teeth are pushed out of alignment the more stress your jaw is under, leading to TMJ pain. Pain in your jaw joint tends to linger and cause a lot of misery!

We offer wisdom tooth removal right here at Shorewood Family Dental Care. You’ll never have to spend time in an unfamiliar office with people you don’t know for a surgical procedure that’s pretty scary – you’ll be able to do it all right here with a team you know and trust!

We Make Extraction Easy

Tooth extraction is something we take very seriously. A big part of that is making sure you are comfortable each step of the way, which is why we offer several sedation options that can make your extraction be a simple, fear-free affair.

We can offer nitrous, oral sedation, and even IV sedation that will leave you blissfully unaware of what’s going on in your mouth. This can be a big relief for patients scared of getting their teeth extracted and can make it incredibly simple – you’ll fall asleep and just wake up when your procedure is all over!

Avoiding Extraction

There’s only one thing better than a simple tooth extraction procedure: not getting a tooth extracted at all! We encourage you to take preventive dental care seriously by brushing twice a day, flossing nightly, and always seeing us for regular checkups. With good consistent care you’ll never need to worry about getting your teeth extracted.

If you’re concerned about getting a tooth pulled don’t hesitate to contact us. The earlier we see you the better the chance you’ll keep that problem tooth! You can reach our Shorewood office at 815-725-5991 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!