• October 7, 2019
high quality types of dental implants

Can you imagine what it would be like to lose one or more teeth and have no options to replace them? Teeth are so important to how humans function that work arounds for missing teeth have been around for centuries.

Of the different types of dental implants, the ones that resemble what we are familiar with today originally appeared in the late 1960s. Archeologists have also uncovered early versions of dental implants as far back as early 2000 BC in ancient China. Missing teeth were replaced with carved bamboo pegs.

Other discoveries from archeological digs have unearthed skulls with missing teeth replaced with teeth from animals or other humans, seashells and gemstones.

Current State of Dental Implants

Fast forward to the present day and we as a society are fortunate to have safe, comfortable options available to replace missing teeth. The practice has become so common that ads for cheap dental implant services have popped up on TV, radio, billboards and online. The service providers promise to get patients in and out quickly at a low price. Many offer a discount if cash is paid in full at the appointment.

As with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for. When you’re seeking a dentist for restorative care, your oral health should be the priority. The only way the service providers who advertise low rates for different types of dental implants are able to offer discounts is because they are using cheap materials.

The dental implants will replace missing teeth, but will they stand up over time and look natural? Probably not. It’s like buying a knock-off designer purse and being surprised when the latch breaks after just a week.

Quality Matters

At Shorewood Family Dental Care, the best dentists in Shorewood, we carefully reviewed dental implant suppliers to find the right combination of quality and value for our patients. We selected Nobel Biocare, a company based in Sweden, for a number of key reasons, including:

  • Focus on quality – the brand is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified for its quality, design, manufacturing, warehousing, order processing, environment, development, marketing, sales and distribution.
  • Selection – the brand offers an assortment of tissue level and bone level dental implants in a variety of dimension, length and abutment connections to meet the specific needs of our patients
  • Material – the implants are made from a special version of CP titanium for exceptional strength.
  • Value – the durability of the brand is a worthwhile investment
  • Innovation – the brand continues to push forward with research and development for dental implants.

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